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If you love robots, you don't want to miss this iteration of COMMA_HACK. We'll have some indoor navigation challenges and other robotics themed projects. Our office will be open for the full 48 hours (with food), and each team will get a commabody to hack on.

billy with his friend silly


We have 2 tracks that people can work on:

1. Indoor Navigation (preferred track)
The commabody has to, autonomously, do an indoor loop of our office. The runs will be timed. If multiple teams complete the loop successfully, we will increase difficulty - with obstacles, etc.

We also have multiple checkpoint bounties (First team to claim gets goodies!)
1a. Checkpoint 1 (expires Saturday morning 10am)
1b. Checkpoint 2 (expires Saturday Evening 7pm)
1c. Checkpoint 3 (expires Sunday morning 10am)


2. Free World
You could also build anything else, using the comma bodies. They do have to be extremely cool to win over the first track :)

Check the resources page for more information.
Best projects from both tracks will be considered for prizes.

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$3,699 in prizes

1st Prize ($2249): comma 3X + comma body

2nd Prize ($1250): comma 3X

3rd Prize ($200)

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All Comma Employees

Judging Criteria

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